Lesia Pcholka BY
Heimat 2023

music Olga Anna Markowska 

9/10/2022 2:00 PM


Screening on ACTIFIST SATURDAY @GOGBOT festival

artists: NIKITA KADAN (UA), SASHA KURMAZ (UA), ELTURAN MAMMADOV (AZ), MARINA NAPRUSHKINA (DE), AHMET ÖĞÜT (TR), BRUNO PAVIĆ (HR), DAN PERJOVSCHI (RO), ANNA SCHERBYNA (UA), SERGEY SHABOHIN (BY), HITO STEYERL (DE), NASTIA TEOR (UA), CLEMENS V. WEDEMEYER (DE), VITALY YANKOVY (UA); presented by: MAXIM TYMINKO presents a screening programme at the ACTIFIST SATURDAY within the framework of GOGBOT festival. The central element of the artistic statement is sound: whether it is Sasha Kurmaz or Nastia Teor artworks where sirens' sound knocks the ground out from under your feet or Marina Naprushkina’s ragged breathing in her run for the future.

ACTIFIST SATURDAY is 10 hours of activism through music, live acts, and talks in collaboration with Ukraine refugees, punkers, artists, DJs, and activists from all over the globe.