Lesia Pcholka BY
Heimat 2023

music Olga Anna Markowska 

With YermilovCentre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Together with the YermilovCentre, we are working on the exhibition project Sense Of Safety in Kharkiv, which will take place from August 29 to November 17, 2024.
Around the exhibition we are going to create an open network of cross-institutional events, which we call the Bridges of Solidarity.

The aim of the Bridges is to create a sense of involvement and connectedness, letting the people of Kharkiv know that they are not forgotten. Moreover, with the help of the Bridges, we seek to raise awareness worldwide about the humanitarian catastrophe occurring here and now in Kharkiv, where the fight for democratic values persists.

What are the Bridges?

As an essential part of the project, the Bridges encompass a range of cross-institutional events, from elaborate multi-location performances to subtle installations such as a single monitor in a gallery window or lobby.

How could you potentially be involved?

  • Programming screenings at your location
  • Organising/participating in hybrid offline/online performances/concerts
  • Initiating interventions in public space
  • Installing webcams at your location or displaying video streams from Kharkiv
  • Creating/participating in online discursive events
  • Supporting the project informatively: spreading the word, sharing, and distributing!

If you like to participate

Join us

Send us a message!

We would be grateful to hear back from you and are eager to organize an online meeting to discuss possible collaboration based on shared values.

We believe that every small gesture and subtle support today is valuable.